Community activist preaches more mentoring in wake of cocaine death

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A community activist said Tuesday local leaders need to do more to steer children and young men away from drugs.

Charles Tyler grew up in Union Heights where a man died after ingesting cocaine after he was arrested on charges in November.

Police say 20 year old Wayne Mitchell suffered a seizure after his brother Deangelo pulled a bag of cocaine from his buttocks and handed it to him.

Investigators say the intent was to hide the evidence and help 23 year old Deangelo avoid going back to prison.

"The video saddened my heart. to hear a young man telling his younger brother to take the fall for him, you're supposed to be your brother's keeper," said Tyler.

"It hurts me more I didn't have a chance to speak to those young men, to have a chance just to be in their presence before this tragedy happened."

Tyler said over the years he's seen too many young men dying from drugs, so many that he's lost count.

"I don't care what your son has done. You hurt when you have to bury your child."

He said the key is to get to the kids and the young men before someone else convinces them there's money to be made selling drugs.

"Some of these men we can reach, some we can't," Tyler said. "We have to put more pressure on our leadership, people in office to do more. It's something you can't turn your cheek on. You have to look directly at it to solve the situation.."

He said otherwise, more young men will end up like the Mitchell brothers.

"You got two ways out of it. You're going to pay a price in jail or death. That's what happened to those boys the other day."

Which is why Tyler will continue to take his message to streets of union heights, hoping he can save some lives.

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