Third grader gives his life savings to family in need

Fischer Cook
Fischer Cook

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Fischer Cook, a third grader at Knightsville Elementary, decided he wanted to help fellow schoolmates that no longer had a place to live.

"I found out their house burnt down and I decided to give them my $300 in my bank account," Fischer said.

Fischer's mother, Michelle Cook, said she was proud of her son when he told her what he wanted to do with his hard earned honor roll and birthday money.

"For him to want to give that up and do something good with it really pleased me," said Cook.

Cook said a trailer on Orangeburg Road near Summerville caught on fire last week. She said a single mother of three boys lived there along with the woman's mother and handicapped brother.

Cook said she knew the family would need a bit more help and spread the word about Fischer's mission of kindness. She said community members helped to match his Christmas donation. And after a few hours at a local Walmart and helping hands to wrap gifts, the presents were ready to go.

Cook said Fischer is excited about giving the gifts to the family, but hopes he will always remember the spirit of giving.

"Christmas is not just about presents you get. It's doing kind things for others. And if you do kind things for others and if you do good deeds in life it will come back to you," said Cook.

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