Army vet pays $1 parking ticket

(Photo: KTRK/CNN)
(Photo: KTRK/CNN)

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) – Most drivers try to avoid paying a parking ticket, if possible, but nearly 60 years after being cited, an Army veteran decided he will take full responsibility and pay his $1 ticket.

Dale Crawford was in a hurry 58 years ago when he left for deployment to Alaska.

He parked his car downtown in Houston for his father to pick up, but instead his father was late and caused him to receive a  parking ticket for $1.

"I couldn't tell you what meter I was on and I parked along here somewhere and the induction center was down that way," Crawford recalls.

Four years later, he returned home and resumed his life, but in 1995 he found in a box of mementos kept by his mother - a parking ticket issued the day he was inducted.

Even though the ticket was for $1, it still nagged his conscience at times, so he contacted the city to pay off his debt. It was the only time parking management say they can recall such a thing.

"He didn't have to do this and no one would have ever known," said Houston's parking manager, Don Pagel. "It's purely his honor to pay his debts."

Today that $1 debt is paid and all penalties and interest waived.

This lesson in responsibility and making good on your debts is something Crawford learned from his parents and wants to pass it down to the younger generation.

"What we call the greatest generation; his service to his country started here in Houston and his service to the city of Houston continues," said Mayor Annise Parker.

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