Kids unwrap giant gift, find their soldier father hidden inside

(Photo: WDTN/CNN)
(Photo: WDTN/CNN)

DAYTON, OH (WDTN/CNN) - Chloe Thompson, 10, won what she thought was a raffle prize at school.

Her brothers joined her to unwrap her package and what they found inside was the biggest surprise of all - their father, a soldier returning home from overseas.

"I saw my daughter, and she was just like, she was just breathless," said Maj. Mickey Thompson, Chloe's dad.

Chloe and her brothers talked to their dad earlier in the day, but thought he was still overseas.

"I mean an entire year is just an eternity for this age group so, he's missed a lot of events, you know a lot of times we'll be somewhere doing something special and they'll be like I sure wish dad was here," said Marcia Thompson, Mickey Thompson's wife.

And now he is, just in time for Christmas.

Thompson says he still has a few years left in the military, but is hoping this was his last major deployment.

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