Charleston airport busy, but running smoothly

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With Christmas less than two days away, people all across the country are traveling. Thousands of people came through the Charleston International Airport on Friday, some coming and others going.

If you are departing or arriving from the Charleston International Airport, one thing is certain. There will be lots of people to help direct you where you need to go.

"It's been more than we expected, but (Thursday) and (Friday) has been real steady," said William New, deputy director of airports at Charleston International.

New says that business as a whole is up 15 to 20 percent at the airport and the increase in business is carrying through the holiday weekend. New says officials try to anticipate the large crowds and holiday travelers should prepare for them too.

"I think anyone traveling should anticipate some delays based on the sheer volume of people traveling," he said. "By and large, we've had no serious delays."

New says that parking should not be an issue at the airport. There are a total of 3,500 hundred spaces between the surface lot, deck parking and remote facility. Airport traveler Mark McEntire says parking Friday wasn't too bad.

"I guess I just caught it at the right time you can tell there is a lot of people around here, but so far so good," McEntire said.

Aly Bourreza traveled from Philadelphia to Charleston and she said getting through security was a breeze.

"It wasn't bad at all," she said. "We had less than a five minute wait."

New says the TSA security process seems just as fast here in Charleston as other cities.

"It seems like people are processing through the security part quickly," he said. "It's been easier than Thanksgiving, but I don't know what (Saturday) will be like."

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