Teen spreads holiday cheer to sick children in the lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Families at the Ronald McDonald House were surprised to see a 13 year old boy play Santa. Da'Juan Goff showed up on Christmas eve to pass out presents to the 25 families staying in the home.

"Kids love toys, I've always liked stuffed animals.  They comfort people," said Goff, when explaining how he got the idea.

Families of children who are hospitalized stay at the Ronald McDonald house while their kids receive treatment.  They said Goff's act of kindness was not ionly appreciated, but inspiring.

"It makes you want to get out there and do the same.  Instead of taking all the time, it makes you want to give back," said Sandy Runco, who has been staying in the home for 2 weeks.

Goff said he saved money by collecting and cashing in aluminum cans to buy the presents.  He hopes others will do the same too.

"Instead of wanting so many things, I hope other kids will donate their old toys or buy a few some other kids who won't get anything this Christmas."

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