Bargain hunters out day after Christmas

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Bargain hunters were at Citadel Mall on Monday looking for extra low sale prices. Folks flocked to the stores to make sure they weren't missing out on any deals.

With so many stores having after Christmas sales, it didn't take most shoppers long to cash in.

"I got money for Christmas, so I wanted to go Christmas shopping to get some stuff I would actually wear instead of what my parents gave me," said shopper Stephanie McPherson.

"Shoe Department has 75 percent off top brand shoes. So we got shoes for $16," said shopper Lauren Lavorgna.

For one young lady, it was all about being with family.

"I just wanted to spend it with them so I could spend all my gift cards, get their opinion on the great sales that are happening today," said shopper Lauren Dennis.

But there were some shoppers returning gifts.

"A wallet for my husband. It wasn't even for me. It was way too small for all the money he makes," joked one woman.

We found a woman who's buying for a much different reason.

"Birthday shopping for January birthdays," said shopper Karen Ulak.

The people who run the mall's Target store are hoping sales will be right on target.

"They are buying a lot of stuff. We've got a lot of our seasonal stuff that has been marked down," said store manager David Pickhardt.

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