Gym members push to workout on day after Christmas

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - It's not easy to walk into the gym on the day after Christmas but Body Pump class at East Shore Athletic Club continued without pause for the holiday.

East Shore Athletic Club, Trainer Nathan Brantley said every January 1 he sees a rise in membership but, he said he'd like to see just as many people stay the course.

"That first workout is the hardest, so I can tell you get in there. Get with someone that knows what they are doing so we can set you on the right track," said Brantley.

Brantley said a lot of resolution makers find themselves lost on how to work the machines.

He said, "We can show you around the gym and tell you things to eat so, you do see that progress and you don't fall off."

If losing weight is not a good enough reason to come to the gym early maybe finding love could be.

"I met my husband at the gym. So, you can make a good relationship at the gym," said Jennifer Loveday-Donovan.

Loveday-Donovan said she now comes to the gym everyday to maintain her 30 pound weight loss. She said people should maintain a balance of fun and hard work during the holidays.

"People should eat properly and have healthy relationship with family and friends such as you do on Christmas, but also maintain good personal health," said Loveday-Donovan.

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