3 houses burned in massive fire near Crosstown

The aftermath.
The aftermath.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One home was destroyed and two other homes and two cars were severely damaged Wednesday morning after a massive fire near the Crosstown.

Charleston Fire Department officials say the fire started at a home on Nunan Street near the corner of Ashley Avenue just before 10 a.m.

Officials say the fire initially started at 13 Nunan Street before spreading to the two neighboring homes. Both of those structures suffered severe damage, as well as two nearby cars, officials say.

"It spread quickly," said David President who witnessed the fire. "It leaped from one house to the next and like I said after awhile you had a big ball of fire."

The home on 13 Nunan Street also caught fire in 2005 and was considered suspicious at the time. Fire officials have not released the cause of Wednesday's fire or said if it is considered suspicious.

"It was smokey," President said. "It was rolling out it was rolling out just like a storm it was just like a black storm cloud."

No injuries were reported. Officials say a total of five fire trucks responded to the fire.

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