5-year-old girl's friends help double reward in shooting death

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The young friends of a 5-year-old girl who was shot and killed at her Charleston home have raised enough money to double the reward for information in the unsolved case.

9-year-old Michael Douglas and his 6-year-old brother Steven are giving money they earned from chores and allowances to raise money for the reward fund for 5-year-old Allison Griffor.

"Because, I want the criminal to be found because, she was my friend," said Michael Douglas.

Allison Griffor died in October when an intruder fired shots into the West Ashley house where she slept.  She was shot in the head and died two days later. The Douglas brothers said it made them sad when she passed away and it made them mad when police could not find who shot her. That's why the boys said the reward fund needs more money.  With the help of their dad and other friends the boys will give more than $1,000 to the Crime Stoppers reward fund.

"That way it would be a better reward to help find the killer," said Michael.

The Douglas boys said the have talked about going back in time to help Allison. Steven Douglas saris he even asked Santa Claus for help.

"I asked for a shot that make me go back in time and I would hide in the bushes and take their guns and throw them in the woods," said Steven.

"For a six-year-old to tell me that, even now it brings tears to my eyes," said the boys father Richard Douglas.

Richard Douglas is the family spokesperson for the Griffor family. He said the Griffors are doing as well as can be expected. "It's a day by day situation," said Richard.

Douglas said he is proud of what his sons are trying to do to help the Griffor family and he will continue to help raise money for the reward fund.

Crime Stoppers said they will soon announce a new grand total  for the reward fund. The Charleston County Sheriffs Department said the Griffor case is an active case and an on-going investigation.

If you know anything about the shooting that killed Allison Griffor call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

If you would like to donate to the Allison Griffor Fund, mail to:

William and Allison Griffor Fund
First Federal of Charleston
PO Box 118068
Charleston, SC 29423

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