Off-duty investigator, SLED agent nab bank robbery suspect

Wesley Todd McCracken (Source: GCSO)
Wesley Todd McCracken (Source: GCSO)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - A man suspected of multiple bank robberies was caught "red-handed" on Thursday by a Georgetown police investigator on medical leave and an off-duty SLED agent.

Georgetown Police Chief Paul Gardner says 41-year-old Wesley Todd McCracken was arrested after robbing the South Carolina Bank and Trust at 1134 North Fraser Street.

According to the chief, an unarmed McCracken walked into the bank around noon and handed the teller a note demanding money. The teller then gave him a bag of money containing a dye pack.

Right around that time, the chief says Investigator Ricky Floyd, currently on medical leave, and SLED Agent Rhett Holden were driving by the bank when they noticed McCracken running from the bank.

The law enforcers said they became suspicious, and then the red dye pack in the big exploded, causing a mist of red to fly through the air.

The duo then turned around and headed back towards McCracken, tracking him towards the parking lot of Ryan's Family Restaurant, where they found the suspect sitting in a locked car.

Holden and Floyd then approached the vehicle. Holden was carrying a gun and ordered McCracken out of the car at gunpoint, police say.

Chief Gardner says he talked with SLED officials and they believe the suspect may be responsible for multiple bank robberies in South Carolina and surrounding states.

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