Domestic abuse victim survives 12 hour beating, shares story

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) After being arrested Tuesday for criminal domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, Michael Shawn Miller appeared in bond court Thursday, and his alleged victim spoke about her night of terror when Miller reportedly beat her for some 12 hours.

Diana Sullinger was at Miller's court hearing for one reason: to make sure the man who she says beat her within inches of her life stays behind bars.

Thursday was the first time Miller saw Diana since the night he's reported to have nearly beat her to death in a Myrtle Beach apartment.

Sullinger, barely able to open her swollen, black eyes, made a tearful plea in court, begging the judge to keep Miller in jail.

Diana says her night with Miller lasted an excruciating 12 hours as he purportedly beat, kicked, and dragged her by her hair until she nearly faded into unconsciousness. Her night of torture allegedly happened Monday after her boyfriend got home from work. She says the two got into a heated dispute, when he began to hit her and didn't stop.

"[Miller] kicked me in the head. He kicked me in the stomach. Hit me with a remote control. He picked me up by the hair off the floor," explains Diana as she relives those moments in her mind.

Shaken and bruised, Diana bravely stood in the courtroom Thursday morning and explained, according to her, how Miller would not let her leave his sight, and she was unable to call for help.

"[Miller] would drag me out of the bed by my hair. Drag me around and make me walk, and then when he'd see I could walk, he'd beat on me some more. I kept losing consciousness. I was vomiting blood," she adds with horrific detail.

By the next morning, Diana recalls, she was barely conscious and was bleeding from numerous places on her body, but finally, she found an opportunity to escape.

"The only reason I got away was because [Miller] had to go to the neighbor to get more cigarettes," Diana says in between deep breaths and tears. "And I ran. I ran to Kings Highway, and I tried to flag somebody down to help me."

Diana says even in her escape she knew the danger wasn't over.

"[Miller] was chasing me. He intended to drag me back into that apartment and finish what he had started," she adds.

A passerby, who Diana says is her "angel," stopped and allowed her in his truck where he called police.

Diana says she is glad the judge denied Miller bond on all three counts. She agreed to speak with WMBF News in hopes that other victims of domestic violence might hear her story and make their own escape from a violent relationship.

"It will get worse…I wish I had listened. I almost paid with my life for not listening to people with experience. I hope if nothing else comes out of this someone somewhere is listening to this [and] will realize this is not a joke," Diana pleas.

Diana told WMBF News Reporter Erika Gonzales that she was terrified to see Miller in court Thursday morning, but she knew she had to find the strength to face him in order to protect herself, and hopefully reach others in similar situations.

"Thank God. I thank God that I got out of there. I prayed quietly. I prayed, and there was an opportunity to run, and I ran."

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