Home Works Christmas blitz helps homeowners

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The issues at Tony Johnson's house went beyond the paint and rooms packed with possessions.

For almost 40 years Johnson lived at his home with his mom -- a lady that liked to hold on to stuff.  "She cherished it. If she got it, it was hers and she kept it."

When she passed in 2007, Johnson says getting rid of everything didn't feel right. It wasn't until Home Works volunteers showed up Tuesday that Johnson knew it was time.

"Sometimes you have to let go," said Johnson. "You have to move on, and I think that was part of it."

The work on Johnson's place was one of eight projects going this week as part of Home Works' Christmas blitz.

Whether it was a new roof or a coat of paint, both sides benefited.

"It does a lot for us too, being able to give back when we give to them," said one volunteer. "It gives them a sense of peace, but it also gives us a sense that we helped the community... it goes both ways."

The mountain of stuff taken out of Johnson's house leaves a lot of room inside for growth that is long overdue.

"I was stuck standing still, now I have no choice but to move on; have to let go," said Johnson. "You can remove the stuff, but you can't remove mom. She'll be here. She's still here."

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