Goose Creek tax company closes doors

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Friday was the last day at JK Harris in Goose Creek for consultant Dennis Carter and 134 other former employees of the tax firm.

"We were told to be here by 9 a.m. and the doors would be locked by I think 2 p.m.," said Carter.

Carter said he and his co-workers were given no warning, just a late afternoon e-mail telling them to clean out their desks.

"From what I understand, if they can pay us they will. They are still three weeks behind on our pay," said Carter.

JK Harris customer Patricia Ballman said she drove to the Goose Creek location searching for answers from corporate headquarters. The Texas resident was surprised to see workers pushing out desk chairs.

"I think they are scurrilous, I think they are thieves," said Ballman.

Ballman said she hired the company three years ago to help with a tax crisis.

"They never intended do anything for me. The contract was written erroneously. It was based on resolving state tax issues. We don't have state taxes in Texas. I wanted my money back,"said Ballman.

Now with a corporate office closing Ballman expects to get her money. She said she will take legal action if necessary.

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