Routine checks can prevent large heating system bills

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Running diagnostics, checking controls and sensors outdoors and inside, is part of the daily process for maintenance technicians. On nights when temperatures are dipping into the low 20's a large volume of calls are made the next day.

"We have 8 to 9 service techs and they will run 5 to 6 calls a day and they will work into the evening," said David Miles, Owner of local heating and air company.

Miles said he's been in the business for twenty years. He said by the time cold weather comes and the heat stops working all together it's too late to pay for just a service fee.

"60 to 70% of the calls probably could have been prevented because of lack of maintenance. Dirty filters, dirty coils, a small part like a capacitor may have needed to be replaced and all that could have been prevented during a maintenance call," said Miles.

Miles suggests people should also be proactive when it comes to keeping their heating bills low. If you own a furnace Miles said you can turn the heat down when you're not home then turn it up later and it shouldn't raise your bill.

"If you have a heat pump and you cut it down to 60 or 62 degrees, you come home and raise it to 70 degrees that heat pump is going to have to bring up the electric heat stokes and that's going to bring up your electric bill," said Miles.

Changing filters can also create an even temperature feel throughout the house.

"We changed the filters in the house and got a lot better performance and airflow and more even temperatures throughout the house," said Miles.

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