South Carolina Primary makes GOP nomination anyone's game

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Iowa created a top tier of Republican candidates for president. Michelle Bachmann is now out of the race after coming in last place and others are fighting for momentum heading into the New Hampshire primary.

The head of South Carolina Republican party predicts that his state will provide the next real make or break moment.

"The Iowa winner hasn't always been the nominee," says Matt Moore, head of the SC Republican party. "The New Hampshire winner hasn't always been the nominee, but since 1980 we have picked the presidential nominee. This is where the race really starts and I think this is where its going to be decided."

There are 16 days until the South's first primary. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have the biggest campaign war chests. Also expected to pick up a boost is Rick Santorum who finished neck in neck with Romney in Iowa. Here in the Lowcountry, people say it is anyone's game.

"I think its wonderful that there's a real contest, that's the most exciting thing," says Moore Quinn.

Romney will be in Charleston on Thursday at Charles Towne Landing at 3:30 p.m. He will be accompanied by SC Gov. Nikki Haley and Arizona Sen. John McCain. Rick Perry will be in South Carolina on Sunday.

With voters in this state having a strong hand in picking the Republican nominee, the Palmetto pick on Jan. 21 could be facing President Barrack Obama in November.

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