Bank wants I-526 extension project to be turned over to SCDOT

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County accepted almost $12 million for the I-526 extension project but it was voted down. When the project was voted down last April the state infrastructure bank demanded Charleston County give the money back.

Now the bank wants the State Department of Transportation to complete the project. If the county does not approve moving the project to the SCDOT, they must give the money back. State Representative Chip Limehouse said this deal will give the project movement.

"I think with this round of funding the $420 million assuming the county council approves releasing it, assuming the SCDOT approves accepting it. I think you will see a bridge built to Johns Island," said Limehouse.

The bank committee did not discuss what the project would look like. The SCDOT is expected to formally accept the project on January 19.

County council still has to formally give up the project. They may discuss it again at next Tuesday's meeting.

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