State court denies Drayton Hall Elementary's appeal for charter status

Source: Drayton Hall Elementary School website
Source: Drayton Hall Elementary School website

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Drayton Hall Elementary's push for charter status appears to be dead after the South Carolina Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's decision to uphold Charleston County School District's denial.

The SC Court of Appeal ruled in December that the school's lawsuit against CCSD Board of Trustees "[had] no precedential value."

The battle began back in 2008, when Drayton Hall Elementary first asked the Charleston County School Board to grant them charter status. Four school board members initially approved, deadlocking the vote at 4-4, which would have meant that the application would have been approved.

However, the school board met again shortly afterwards and produced a vote of 6-3 in favor of denying the charter, which led to the lawsuit.

David Pagliarini, Drayton Hall's attorney, argued the vote was illegal. "Based on their own information and on their website and in Robert's Rules of Order, they did nothing that shows me that the vote last night was legal."

Charter schools are public, but retain their own boards to make decisions.

You can click here to read a copy of the document from the SC Court of Appeals, filed on December 20.

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