Teen girl's revealing photos rejected from yearbook

DURANGO, Co. (WBTV/CNN) - A yearbook committee in Colorado has said that photos submitted by a student are not appropriate for publication.

Sydney Spies, 18, sent in a professional photo of herself in a modeling pose so that the image could run in her senior yearbook.

But, a high school yearbook committee of five students rejected the photo that featured the teen in a short skirt and revealing top, which is off her shoulder.

So, Sydney sent in another photo, which was also rejected. That image was black and white, but showed the teen in a tight one-piece dress that was very low cut.

The teen's mom says her daughter should be able to express herself however she wants in her yearbook photo.

But unless she submits a more tamed picture, she won't be in the yearbook, other students at the Durango High School have decided.

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