Q&A: Huntsman makes campaign stop in Lowcountry

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Jon Huntsman is a concert pianist; he speaks fluent Chinese, wears cowboy boots and is a former ambassador and governor. He is also competing for the Republican nomination for president.

On Wednesday, more than 100 people came to North Charleston City Hall to hear Huntsman explain why he is the best man for the job. After the meeting, Huntsman sat down with Live 5 anchor Bill Sharpe.

Sharpe: "Term limits for congress, why?"

Huntsman: "Because the system is broken and incumbency is an institution."

Sharpe: "What is the one thing, the biggest thing you think President Obama is doing wrong?"

Huntsman: "Not providing leadership. This country lacks leadership when it needs it most."

Sharpe: "What is it that makes Jon Huntsman authentic?"

Huntsman: "I would have to say a core that is unwavering, always consistent and always does what I believe is right for the people that I represent."

On a lighter note, Huntsman's wife, Mary Kaye Huntsman, attended Wednesday night's event with her husband. She says that Jon Huntsman first tried to get her attention when they both worked in a restaurant in high school.

"He squirted me with a hose," she said. "He was the dishwasher in the restaurant and I was the salad girl."

The former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China will be at a Berkeley County GOP breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Thursday. The event is at the Honeycomb Café on Seven Farms Drive on Daniel Island.

It is part of his "Country First" tour.

Huntsman has an uphill battle in South Carolina. The latest polls put Huntsman at the bottom.

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