Woman bites kids at bookstore

(Photo: KCO/CNN)
(Photo: KCO/CNN)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (KGO/CNN) – Police said they arrested a woman after she bit two children at a bookstore Thursday.

Authorities charged Polly Beltramo, 46, of Palo Alto with felony child abuse. Store co-owner Hotranatha Ajaya said he did not see the incident but was there when it happened.

"Some other woman came up to the lady's little girl and then the girl started running to her mother saying that lady bit me and she had a big – something on her cheek that's red," Ajaya said.

He said while the mother was tending to her daughter, her son was attacked.

"Suddenly the little boy, who's just a couple months old, started screaming and they went to him and his cheek was bleeding," Ajaya said.

The woman ran from the store, but police found her at a nearby coffee shop with help from a witness's description.

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