Referendum coming regarding size of Sullivan's Island Elementary School?

It was a packed house at the Sullivan's Island town council meeting on Tuesday night, as many folks crammed in to have their say on the new elementary school.
Many residents are fine with having a new elementary school on the island, but they disagree with the town council's proposal of making it a 74,000-square foot facility.
260 residents have signed a petition asking for the chance to vote on the school's size.  The town council passed a motion Tuesdsay night to seek a declaratory judgment to determine whether the town is obligated to hold the referendum and if so, what the wording will be.
Those in favor of the school say they're afraid if they oppose it, the Charleston County School District will decide not to put a school on the island at all.
One woman at the meeting said, "We need to take it rather than leave it and stop having this conversation over and over."
While another said, "The issue is not whether to have a school but to have a school that fits into our beautiful island."

Many people at the meeting suggested the council go back to the drawing board and come up with a better design for the 500-student school.

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