'We Do' campaign wants to stop marriage discrimination

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Hand in hand, 23-year-olds Olivia Parris and Madeline Trilling are attempting to take the plunge, but first they need a valid South Carolina marriage license. Parris and Trilling went into the Charleston courthouse expecting to be denied the license and they were.

"We knew she was going to say, 'You know we don't recognize your love in South Carolina' and it's just another thing to have someone say that to you. It's hard to hear," said Trilling.

The couple hopes the action of being denied will bring light to what they said are discriminatory marriage laws against Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans gender people.

"Through this campaign it really gives something tangible for people to say 'Yeah that's discrimination.' We recognize that," said Trilling.

Trilling and Parris are a part of a regional campaign called "WE DO".

"This is about LGBT folks standing up in the communities we live in and saying we believe these laws that are currently on the books that deny us the right to marry and deny the almost 1200 rights that come with that we believe these laws are unjust," said Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, executive director of the Campaign for Southern Equality.

In Charleston, some residents said same sex marriage should not be an issue of government.

"I think that it's against my personal belief, but I think that it shouldn't be something controlled at the federal level,"said Micah Martin.

"People are people too and it doesn't matter especially with the divorce rate being so high what's the difference," said College of Charleston student Kristine Abruzino.

Dan Dickison has several same sex couple friends and said, "It should be legal if you have a commitment on the part of both individuals."

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