Robo-calls from candidates run rampant in SC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You've seen countless political ads on TV, dozens of letters in the mail and you may even be hearing candidate's voices when you pick up the phone.

Many voters are fed up with automated calls from candidates or supporters. One voter says she counted 10 automated calls in one day.

Even though experts say there is no evidence to show robocalls actually work, it is the cheapest way for a candidate to get to the voters. For less than a nickel, political candidates can send out thousands of calls in minutes, leaving a specific message for you.

They are able to send specific messages because they have clues as to who is picking up the phone. Campaigns have information on the age, gender and voting history of the residents.

Reports are showing candidate Mitt Romney is doing most of the talking, but local voters say there is just so much talking going on in general.

"I've been involved in the political process for quite a long time," said voter Brenda Viers. "This particular election has been really inundated with these things. From the PACs and this and that. Just people that are sponsoring this person or that person."

The South Carolina Attorney General's opinion is that recorded calls can't be made directly to you, but candidates can get around this by leaving voicemails. So, if you have been getting hung up on, that is probably why.

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