Colbert draws more than 3,000 for GOP primary rally at CofC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Comedian Stephen Colbert, who says he's running for president of "The United States of South Carolina," is urging voters there to cast their ballots in Saturday's presidential primary for former GOP hopeful Herman Cain.

A sea of people waited at the Cistern on the College of Charleston, clutching their iPhones waiting for Charleston native and comedian Steven Colbert to take the stage.

The comedian greeted the crowd saying, "What a beautiful state, town and Lowcountry."

The comedian encouraged people to skip class and skip work to come to the "Rock me like a Herman Cain, South Cain-olina rally" and thanked them for it.

"I'd like to thank 18 year old tweeter clifton@silf66 who yesterday tweeted skipping class tomorrow to see Steven Colbert Live. Oh yeah, totally worth it," said Colbert.

Some professors even canceled class, so they would not have to compete for attendance. Like Professor Katie Hladky who said, "When you have this type of event on campus, the students can really learn something awesome about politics."

Colbert's message to the crowd and all South Carolina voters, vote for Herman Cain because his name is still on the ballot and Colbert shares Cain's views.

"So tomorrow January 21, the two year anniversary of Citizens United, you can thank that Supreme Court and go into the voting booth and vote Herman Cain," said Colbert.

College of Charleston senior Jeffrey Gardner said his two hour wait in line was worth it.

"He's funny. I agree with a lot of the things he talks about and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity probably," said Gardner.

Students like Elizabeth Poulnot-Hopgkiss said this event is important.

"We do need to get involved and all the candidates are so wax figurine-ish and Steven Colbert at least has some life in him," said Poulnot-Hopgkiss.

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