Attorney general still investigating voter fraud case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The state election commission has also called for an investigation into the voter fraud case. According to Attorney General Alan Wilson, 953 ballots were cast in past state elections by dead people.

The voter fraud was discovered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV then submitted the analysis report to the Attorney General's office. Wilson does not state in which election the fraud took place, but he sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles asking him to investigate whether federal laws were broken.

A new South Carolina  law requiring voters to carry a picture ID to the polling location was blocked last year by the U.S. Justice Department. Wilson said his office does plan on filing a lawsuit on behalf of the public in the D.C. court of appeals to over turn that ruling.

"Whether people are for or against the law I think it raises concerns that we all need to concede that we need to look at this and the integrity of the election process and it's protected so people have faith in it," said Wilson.

A spokesperson for the state election commission said their office has also called for further investigation. They said their office has not received the data reports from the DMV or SLED about the dead voters to determine what happened.

Local election offices in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties, all three said they didn't have any reports of dead voters and they were not notified by the state election commission about voter fraud taking place in their county.

The initial report of potential voter fraud was uncovered after an extensive review by the director of South Carolina DMV's office. He was reviewing data related to the state's new voter ID law.

The attorney general said his office is still crunching that data from the DMV but they expect to release more information soon.

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