Deputies: Burglars eat pickles, drink juice before stealing TV

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A woman whose house was burglarized Sunday night said the thieves ate pickles and drank juice before leaving with a 52-inch television.

Paulette McCrann says her family returned from dinner to their Apache Street home when they realized the television was gone.

"We have daughters and they completely ransacked their stuff, ransacked our bedroom," McCrann said.

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies say the burglars broke in through a back window and apparently were hungry for more than just the television.

"They took a large jar of pickles out of the refrigerator, sat them on the counter, made themselves at home, took a fork out, used the fork to get the pickle out," McCrann said.

She said they also drank some juice.

"It's bad enough you're in here stealing other things, but to come in and steal food," she said.

McCrann says the timing is bad because the family already was dealing with another loss.

"We're only here temporarily. We lost our home in a fire in October and for someone to come in and steal from us, and we're trying to get back on our feet from a complete total loss is very heartbreaking."

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies have not identified any suspects.

"It's time for it to stop," McCrann said. "It's time for them to find out who's doing it before either one of the neighbors gets hurt or the intruders get hurt. It's to that point with the neighbors that someone's gonna get hurt."

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