Councilman: Son killed execution style; Suspect denied bond

Reginald Rose in bond court
Reginald Rose in bond court

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The father of a murder victim says his son was killed execution style in front of one of his seven children. Charleston County sheriff's deputies say Leland Shannon Jr., son of Lincolnville Town Councilman Leland Shannon Sr., was shot four times, not once in the thigh as deputies originally reported.

Shannon Jr. was also shot in the head and twice in his upper body. He was transported to MUSC where he later died. Shannon's father says his son was gunned down in front of one of his seven children.

The shooting happened in a home on West Carolina Avenue early Tuesday morning in Lincolnville. In court Wednesday night, the family asked the judge to keep the suspect in jail and away from them.

"My whole family is upset and we're grieving," a family member said. "To do something like that to another person, I don't see how you could do it."

The suspect, 34-year-old James Reginald Rose, was denied bond on the murder charge. Rose is charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, burglary, attempted murder and murder.

According to a court affidavit, Rose also held a gun to a woman's head before fleeing the scene of the crime. Rose says he is innocent.

"I just wanted to say, I don't see how they can sit up there sayin' I did that and I didn't do nothin'," he said. "And then to tell me I should get the maximum, I didn't do nothing at all."

Rose was identified from a photo lineup. Deputies say two other suspects were with Rose when Shannon was shot. They haven't identified those suspects yet.

Rose is facing two separate charges unrelated to the murder. One charge is for threatening a public employee and another for writing a bad check.

Rose has a long criminal history dating back more than a decade with a conviction in 1995 for criminal domestic violence and possession of crack cocaine. The following year Rose was convicted of burglary and public disorderly conduct.

Rose was then convicted in 2003 for assaulting a SC Department of Corrections employee and trafficking cocaine.

According to court records, Rose was convicted in 2007 for marijuana possession, unlawful carrying of a weapon, parole revocation and federal chartered financial institution crime. His latest convictions include resisting arrest in 2009 and giving false information in 2010.

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