Deputies: Suspects cooked meth in soda bottles with kids in home

Alan Lane Smith, John Glenn Knight, and Autumn Dudrey (Source: Berkeley County Detention Center)
Alan Lane Smith, John Glenn Knight, and Autumn Dudrey (Source: Berkeley County Detention Center)

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - An anonymous tip about an active meth lab led Berkeley County sheriff's deputies and Department of Social Services officials to three children Wednesday that were living inside a Moncks Corner home that contained a meth lab. Deputies arrested three people with manufacturing meth.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the Kuffle Lane home after receiving an anonymous tip. According to sheriff's office spokesman Dan Moon, investigators were interviewing the mother, 27-year-old Autumn Dudrey, outside the home when they noticed a man inside running around inside the house.

Deputies told 24-year-old John Glenn Knight to come outside and asked him if there were any illegal drugs or substances inside the home. Deputies say Knight told them that there was a meth lab in the back bedroom.

Law enforcement personnel entered the home and found Dudrey's three children and a third suspect, 25-year-old Alan Lane Smith. Deputies cleared the home and allowed a Hazmat team to investigate the meth lab. Authorities say there was no ventilation in the home, which had no air conditioning or heat.

The sheriff's office charged Smith, Dudrey and Knight with manufacturing meth. Dudrey is also facing three counts of child endangerment. Deputies say more charges are expected as the investigation continues.

Several neighbors said Thursday that they could smell odors coming from the area and have suffered from severe headaches.

Hazmat teams found several 2-liter soda bottles that were used to mix unknown chemicals. The method is called a one-pot meth lab, also known as "shake and bake." Experts say it is the easiest and one of the most dangerous ways of making meth. Meth is made in a single container and generally flipped upside-down, causing a chemical reaction that turns the ingredients into meth. This method produces lower quality meth and in smaller quantities.

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