Business owner says sinkhole response slow in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - Two months have passed and by looks alone not much has changed at the former Parish Place in Georgetown.

John Simons a lifelong resident said,"It looks miserable, it looks very terrible."

Last November a sinkhole formed next to the shopping center causing the building to collapse and businesses were forced to close.

"They said,'We are all in this together.' That was the last week in November and we've not heard anything back. I just wonder if anybody is doing anything. I wonder if anyone even cares,"said Jeepy Ford, one of several business owners who owns property in Parish Place.

He said promises were made but nothing has happened.

"All of the parties involved SCDOT, City of Georgetown, the construction company, Davidson-Ford engineering they are all pointing the finger at each other and in the meantime all the property owners can do is sit here and wait," Ford said.

Ford said each property owners dilemma is different. He said some have insurance that will cover damages and others don't.

Ford said they are all on their own until someone takes responsibility for what happened. City Hall is right across the street from the Parish Place and Ford said the city has a history of responding to these type of situations years later.

"I'll put it this way. The steel mill located here 40 years ago and the drainage has been messed up for 40 years and they just did something about it recently. So, I don't know if we are going to be waiting 40 years for the resolution to the latest problem,"Ford said.

Georgetown city officials said as of Thursday there were no more reports of sinkholes made after the November incidents.

The South Carolina Budget and Control Board said there is currently an open claim with the businesses in Georgetown and the sinkhole situation is still being investigated.

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