Specialty plate funds will support LGBT community

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's the first license plate of it's kind in the south. A symbol to all who drive past it that people in South Carolina support equality for all people.

The state on the side of the plate is actually the South Carolina equality logo so that was pretty straight forward. The colors subtle, to be honest it was a concern. We didn't want it to stand out too much at the same time we want to be clear about what our message was," said Cheryl Glenn who created the art work for the plate.

She said this is a huge step for the state to have an LGBT specialty plate.

"It says something it communicates a message that we are forward thinking and all citizens of South Carolina are important," said Glenn.

SC Equality is the non-profit organization that filed the paper work to get the plate. Half of the $25 fee will go to statewide education programs they support.

"We do a lot of support of LGBT youth who find themselves vulnerable and find themselves homeless. We do a lot of educating just in the community at large about the LGBT community that lives in South Carolina," said Christine Johnson, Executive Director of SC Equality.

Johnson said the plate is not just for those that identify but as gay or lesbian but friends and family or people they consider as allies.

"Support for all of those things is growing and I think the plate just becomes another way that people can say though their neighbors and their friends in their community I support equality," said Warren Redman-Gress, Executive Director of Alliance for Full Acceptance.

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