North Carolina man gets 30 years in West Ashley murder

Jerome Renaldo Campbell
Jerome Renaldo Campbell
Police responding to the shooting at the Kangaroo gas station in 2009.
Police responding to the shooting at the Kangaroo gas station in 2009.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A former Wachovia loan officer from Charlotte was sentenced to 30 years in connection to a West Ashley murder in 2009.

Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson said that 37-year-old Jerome Renaldo Campbell was found guilty of the murder of 27-year-old Michael German. Campbell was also convicted of three related counts of assault with the intent to kill for shooting at three other people who were with or near German.

Circuit Judge Deadra Jefferson sentenced Campbell to a term of 30 years with the South Carolina Department of Corrections for the murder conviction and sentences of ten years, which will run concurrent, on the assault with the intent to kill charges. Under the sentencing law governing murder, Smalls is not eligible for parole or early release.

The murder happened at the Kangaroo gas station at Carriage Lane and Olde Towne Road in West Ashley in January of 2009.  Assistant Solicitor Greg Voigt told jurors during closing arguments that the story of Jerome Campbell was like a classical tragedy in that it was the story of a man who had everything but was brought down by a fatal flaw: his anger.

Witnesses stated that Campbell was upset with Michael German's brother and with another man who was married to Campbell's sister. Voigt told the jury that the target of the shooting was probably one of the other two men, not Michael German.

Witnesses say that earlier that day, Campbell had driven in from Charlotte to his family's home in James Island and that he made threats to the two men.  About an hour before the shooting Campbell and unknown other men drove through German's apartment complex and made threats with a gun.  With the three men standing on the side of the gas station, Campbell's car was seen driving past.  Witnesses stated shots came from the rear of the car.  A bullet ricocheted off of the wall of the gas station and struck German in the back of the head.

Voigt said, "Campbell may not have been the shooter but under the law he was just as legally responsible as any accomplices."

Solicitor Wilson stated, "This was a classic 'Hand of one, hand of all' case. Would-be criminals are on notice that we are going after everyone involved in cases like this-- regardless of who pulls the trigger.  When criminals work together with others to commit violent crimes, the law sees them all the same."

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