Officers wrangle runaway pony in neighborhood

(Photo: CNN/KOVR)
(Photo: CNN/KOVR)

MODESTO, CA (CNN/KOVR) – Officers in Modesto, California got a crash course in horse wrangling Thursday after a loose pony led cops on a chase.

A driver called for help after seeing a Shetland pony running wild on the streets.

"He kind of led us on a trot through northwest Modesto," said Sgt. Garret Crawford of the Modesto police.

Cops tried to corral the pony, but the little guy bolted, leading officers on a chase before stopping to snack on grass a few houses down the street.

The homeowner, David Meldrez, hurried to his side yard after hearing the commotion.

"Its startling but I'm kinda glad the animal is ok, and that they contained him there, how the house situated he's kinda boxed in," said Meldrez.

Surrounded by a trio of cop cars, the animal munched on hay college students delivered while animal control officers planned their next move.

Neighbors watched in awe and angst.

"Seeing the horse come down here and everyone chasing after it, I was terrified for the horse," said neighbor Kim Robinson.

About two hours into the ordeal, an equestrian cop pulled up with a trailer. He tried to wrangle the pony, which put up a fight until the officer brought in fresh oats, guiding the animal inside the trailer.

The rescue was a first for many of the officers.

"Dogs on the loose, the occasional snake or something like that a horse is the first for me," said Crawford.

The pony will stay at an animal shelter until its owner is found.

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