Berkeley County deputies upping security at Hill Finklea Detention Center

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Deputies now know how 39-year-old James Sanders escaped from Hill Finklea Detention Center last Thursday afternoon. Berkeley County officials say Sanders was in bond court earlier that afternoon and was in a holding area when he slipped out one of the doors.

Officers were preparing to release Sanders, but noticed he had more charges still pending against him as well as no bond posted. While Sanders was in the holding area, he slipped out an employee door without any one noticing according to deputies. A woman who lives near by who said the fact an inmate slipped out so easily makes her worried.

"I have two 16-year-old daughters who walk and come out here and play tennis. Now that really puts me on edge and I never really thought about that with the jail being so close, but now you're going to have to take extra precautions," said Delilah Pitt, a Moncks Corner resident.

Pitt brings her grandchildren to a park just down the street from the jail.  She said since she learned about Sanders escaping in the middle of the day, she is going to keep an extra eye out.

"We come to this park often and I never gave it much thought  before. I definitely will now," said Pitt.

Deputies said they are already working to up security in the jail. No inmates will be allowed in that holding area where Sanders escaped and inmates will only be released in the front of the jail. Pitt hopes the new restrictions will put her mind at ease.

"Maybe this will teach the jail system a lesson for tougher restrictions in the jail," said Pitt.

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