Mount Pleasant looking for a new site for town offices

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant wants to make visits to their offices easier for the community by finding a new site for town offices.

The town offices will be another new re-development project the town is considering.

Mount Pleasant is interested in moving all offices and departments into one building. Currently, the offices are spread out on the same campus.

Town council have authorized staff to begin looking for properties and talking to property owners. One of the locations the town is looking at is the current K-Mart site.

"It's of interest because of its location and that location happens to be in an area that provides us a funding source to construct a town hall if that's what the town council chooses to do in the future," town administrator Eric Demoura said.

Demoura says the plans for the building have yet to be drawn but an early cost estimation on the project is near the $20 million mark.

If town council does decide to go ahead with the project it would be ready to move in 2017.

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