Police officer placed at dangerous intersection where girl was hit

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Traffic changes are in the works Wednesday morning in Mt. Pleasant, aimed at making the walk to school for some children a lot safer. The change comes after a girl was hit by a car nearly a month ago at the same intersection.

Town officials are putting a Mt. Pleasant police officer here at a busy intersection on Park West Boulevard near the Madison Apartments so drivers traveling through this area will slow down for pedestrians, especially kids crossing the street going to school.

In early January a Cario Middle School student was crossing the intersection on Park West Boulevard, near the Mt. Pleasant recreation center and Madison Apartments, when according to an incident report a vehicle hit the school girl and sent her flying more than 42 feet in the air.

When police and EMS arrived on scene the girl was unconscious and unresponsive. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and later released, but the accident has many town officials concerned, wondering if this could happen again and what they can do to make the intersection safer.

"Anytime you mix pedestrians and a significant number of motorists there is bound to be problems, and with the traffic improvements we're installing and the increased police presence we feel that it would be a significant improvement to what's out there," said Mt. Pleasant Town Administrator Eric Demoura.

Traffic lights are expected to be installed within the next two months, but until then, a police officer will stay at the intersection to make sure drivers pay attention to pedestrians.

The new traffic signals will cost about $20,000. A general fund account will pay for them.

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