New video released in chase shows deputy punching man in the face

AWENDAW, SC (WCSC) - Authorities released new video on Friday showing a deputy punching a man in the face following a high speed chase during which Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon shot at the suspect's vehicle.

The new dash camera video also shows 31-year-old Timothy Shawn McManus crash his truck after tires on the vehicle came apart.

Authorities had released multiple videos from deputies' dash cams on Thursday that showed cars crashing, a K-9 attack and an explosive take down between deputies and McManus at the end of the high speed chase.

Friday's new video shows a dash cam from a different vehicle showing a deputy punching McManus in the face.

Authorities locked up McManus after the high speed chase Monday morning during which Sheriff Cannon fired nine shots at McManus' car in attempt to stop what investigators described as a "reckless rampage."

Video released by officials on Thursday shows deputies using stop sticks in attempt to stop McManus' truck, patrol cars crashing and deputies and a police dog attempting to subdue McManus.

The ACLU released a statement Friday concerning the video released on Thursday saying that it was "disturbing" and question the "justification for releasing the K-9."

"The ACLU is concerned about the rights of all vulnerable people. That includes people in police custody.  Violence directed at defenseless victims raises serious questions. Protocols need to be in place to prevent this sort of emotional or disproportionate response," stated a press released by the ACLUS. "And when a law enforcement officer strikes someone in custody, consequences should be expected, appropriate, and fair. It is admirable that  Sheriff Cannon reported himself, but we hope the investigation will truly shine a light on the department's practices, including training, reporting of incidents, internal controls and discipline policies."

The sheriff's office has not commented on the video they released on Thursday, but says there is an on-going internal investigation on the incident.

The release of the videos falls on the heels of Cannon's press conference Wednesday afternoon where he admitted to slapping and cursing at McManus while he was handcuffed in the back of a police car after the chase.

"I went over to the car, I opened the back door and I asked him -- I used a profane word -- I asked him what the (blank) was wrong with him," Cannon said. "And he replied with 'ain't nothing wrong with me' and I slapped him with my open hand. I said 'you could've killed a lot of people out there today' and I slammed the door."

McManus remains behind bars on a $102,550 bond. Cannon and others had to fire shots at his vehicle to end the pursuit, which stretched across 25 miles in northern Charleston County.

The incident began around 10 a.m. Monday when Cannon tried to stop a pick-up truck that was driving erratically on Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant.

"When he went up on the sidewalk this was something more than just somebody going to work in the morning in a hurry," Cannon said.

The sheriff turned on his blue lights and the truck driver hit the gas at speeds exceeding 100 mph. When the chase hit Awendaw, the sheriff grabbed his gun as the guy came at his car.

"I shot several times at his tire and believe I hit his front right tire," Cannon said.

A deputy shot out some of the other tires, which caused the vehicle to crash on Steed Creek Road. Investigators say McManus ran from the truck, but was bitten by a police dog and captured. McManus was treated for injuries and then taken to the jail for booking.

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