Casings recovered in Goose Creek may come from AK-47

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say they recovered 11 bullet casings which appeared to come from an AK-47 assault rifle in the Oaks Estates subdivision Wednesday night.

An officer with the Goose Creek Police Department responded to the corner of Goose Creek Drive and Blaine's Way on Wednesday around 6:30 p.m. after receiving a report of shots being fired in the area.  The officer said that when he arrived on the scene, he immediately noticed numerous rifle casings within a 20-foot area in the middle of the intersection which appeared to have been fired from an AK-47 or a similar caliber of weapon.

The officer said he then heard another flurry of shots - 10 to 15 - from the direction of Redbank Road and Middleton Drive.  When he arrived at the area to investigate, he found no further cases.  However, more reports of shots being fired came out of the area of Robert Road. Residents on Robert Road told police that they saw a vehicle turn onto Robert Road from Cuthbert Road and started firing a weapon while speeding towards Redbank Road.  

Most residents claimed to have heard about 10 shots in quick succession, according to the incident report.  The officer returned to the intersection of Goose Creek Drive and Blaine's Way and recovered 11 casings.

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