Downtown hotel suing Republican group over unpaid hotel tab

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Place hotel is suing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference for breach of contract, essentially skipping out on its $227,000 hotel bill.

The convention was held two weeks ago and featured speeches and rallies at TD arena. Herman Cain's "No-endorsement" endorsement was made at the SLRC. Also, Newt Gingrich had backed out of a speech at the SLRC the morning after winning the South Carolina Primary.

In a lawsuit filed in Charleston County court, Charleston Place hotel contends organizers of the convention owe the hotel for rooms, food, beverage tabs and other services to the total of $227,000.

In court documents, Charleston Place claims organizers of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference put down a deposit to reserve most of the rooms in the hotel during the four day convention which it claims was poorly attended.

The hotel's lawyer is asking for a jury trial for the unpaid bill as well as punitive damages. The lawsuit also names businessman Robert Cahaly who the hotel claims represented the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in its dealings.

"There is a misplaced allegation of fraud against Robert Cahaly who is not an officer of SRLC but rather works for the company that managed SRLC of SC 2012 Incorporated," said John Harrell, a lawyer representing the SRLC."It has no bearing on the breach of contract between Charleston Place and SRLC."

Harrell said that there was never a meeting scheduled between the SRLC and the hotel to settle the bill. According to Harrell, the SRLC believes there are discrepancies in the bill and had asked the hotel for an invoice.

The day after the SRLC asked for an invoice to be mailed to them, they received a copy of the lawsuit, Harrell said.

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