Great-grandmother tries to battle house fire

HAMPTON, TN (CNN/WCYB) – Most people with a fire in their house would rush to call 911, but 90-year-old Cordia Jones tried to fight off the flames instead.

"I don't scare easy," said Jones.

Saturday night when the chimney woodstove in her home caught fire and the fire alarm went off, she jumped into action.

"All of this was ablaze and I thought I could out do it."

The great-grandmother kept throwing water on the burning ceiling, and at one point she believed she had beaten the blaze.

"When I did get it out to some extent, I couldn't see no sparks, I thought would it be safe to go to bed and sleep in here."

But the flames quickly came back, and Jones thought she might need some help.

"I seen I couldn't do it and I got my neighbor to call the fire department and cause you can't do something like that and talk on the phone."

When the fire department arrived she remained calm and said the firefighters were more worried than she was.

"She said get out of there, get out of there! I just took my little pitcher I had so much in there. I meant to dash again. I just took it with me and drunk it."

Firefighters contained the blaze to the chimney and the surrounding wall, but the damage to the home was enough that Jones will have to move temporarily, but she's keeping a positive outlook on life.

"I'm 90 years old and by the help of the Lord there's never been a night that I've not stayed somewhere."

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