Charleston woman needs double lung transplant to live

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Like many fathers Theodore Washington wants to do whatever he can to help his children. His daughter 47-year-old Chantay Evans-Glisson was diagnosed with a life threatening disease eight years ago and Washington can't do anything to stop the disease progression.

"It's been a little heartbreaking cause that's my baby girl and not to be able to come to the rescue, to be able to say 'I can fix it,' makes it that much more dishearting for me," said Washington.

Evans-Glisson is living with a lung disease called Sarcoidosis which causes inflammation in her lungs resulting in shortness of breath.

Evans-Glisson's Aunt Jannie Brown is now the chair for a committee to help raise funds for her niece's only shot at survival, a double lung transplant.

"The cost of a lung transplant is $250,000 for pre and post treatment," said Brown.

Brown said Chantay is living with only 20 percent of her lungs functioning. She said Chantay was always an active person and support from the National Foundation for Transplants could help her to become active again.

"To be still, after living a life of such great movement it's very hard," said Evans-Glisson.

Evans-Glisson recently moved from Charleston to live closer to the Duke University hospital where the transplant will take place. She said community donations have helped her with costs of living in North Carolina and pre-op appointments.

"My community, Charleston has been just gracious and supportive and warming and loving it's been great it's been awesome. I can't put it into words but no one does it like Charleston," said Evans-Glisson. "So even though the goal might look large, we got heart and we got a prayer that's larger and we've got to get $250,000."

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