North Charleston fighting safety citations for 2010 fire

The house burns on Purity Drive in July 2010. (Source: Ricky Saldana)
The house burns on Purity Drive in July 2010. (Source: Ricky Saldana)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials in North Charleston are fighting to overturn two OSHA citations issued to the North Charleston Fire Department after three firefighters were injured during a July 2010 fire.

In mid-September 2010, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration twice cited the department for their handling of a fire on Purity Drive and issued a $2000 fine.

Both citations claim the department put their men in a dangerous situation.

A statement released by OSHA at the time said, "The employer knew or should have known that on or about July 5, 2010, firefighters performing interior structural firefighting were exposed to the hazard of being trapped in a burning residential building."

OSHA contends that the first fire captain on the scene failed to fill out proper paperwork at the scene and that the fire department failed to operate under the "two in, two out" rule.  That rule designates that the department must have at least two people in contact with each other at all times while inside a burning structure and two firefighters must be outside the structure at all times.

The city, meanwhile, claims that the paperwork hinders the captain from leading at the scene and that even though one firefighter left his position outside the home, there were plenty more firefighters to compensate, Johnson said.

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