Students suspended after violating school's dress code

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - School officials say some students at Summerville High School were suspended this week after violating the school's dress code.

According to district officials, the school is taking a stern stance on the dress code after Principal Buddy Chapel met with students last week and talked about the school's dress code and improper use of social media that he says were disrupting class.

Dorchester District 2 officials say that students who violate the dress are first sent to the office until the student makes a suitable change to their clothing with repeat offenders assigned to school suspension.

School officials say that was the policy at the high school until earlier this week.

Spokeswoman Pat Raynor said the school district knew of the principal's plan to enforce the dress code policy. According to Raynor, the school district has received some calls regarding the suspensions, but the majority are in support of the principal's actions.

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