Squirrel War: Family takes up arms against infestation

GASTON, SC (WIS) - Melanie Young looks like she just stepped out of a Tony Chachere's commercial with the way she sprinkled seasoning around her car.

"Every night we put Cayenne pepper all around the car," she said.

It sounds weird, but at this point, she'll try anything to stop a group of squirrels from infesting her cars.

"I'm getting up at one, two in the morning, and this sounds silly, but I will actually open my door, come out, and make sure no squirrels are around and I'm popping the hood to make sure no squirrels are in the car," said Young.

Young says this all started back in January with her Cadillac.

"My husband went to leave for work and the service engine light came on," said Young. "He popped the hood and there was nothing but leaves and nuts, and everything that wasn't metal was chewed."

Young says her husband saw two squirrels flee the scene when he popped the hood.

The Youngs bought every kind of repellant they could find and set a trap to protect the second family car, but it wasn't enough. Two weeks later, their truck started smoking and they found another nest inside the car.

"These squirrels must be going to some kind of Rambo class, as far as an attack on humans vehicles and property," said Young.

That's when the Young's took things up a notch. They used a shotgun to blast a nest out of a nearby oak tree. They also outfitted themselves with a pellet gun.

"They had car insulation from my car in the nest!" said Young.

Jason Peeples from the Forest and Wildlife Group says the whole situation is unusual as daily driver cars aren't usually squirrel targets. Peeples says the Young's home is prime squirrel real estate, however.

"I do not want any more damage to my home cars or my property and we've done everything," said Young.

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