Animal rights group wants Haley to stop live bird shoot

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some animal rights groups throw red paint or carry banners. SHARK, or Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, uses YouTube.

"The best way to get people to understand and to get them to oppose these various forms of abuse, was just to show them," said Steve Hindi, president of the organization.

Hindi has spent years in Illinois and Pennsylvania fighting pigeon shoots. It's where captive birds are released and shot immediately as opposed to being hunted in a natural environment.

"I'm a former hunter, I understand hunting," said Hindi. "I don't think hunters are monsters, but this isn't hunting. Hunting is not throwing an animal out of a box."

Hindi's group last month took aim at Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt -- A 7,000 acre hunting preserve that Hindi says this weekend will hold a live shoot.

"They call them a flyer shoot that's a code that's been broken, shall we say," said Hindi.

The flier advertises 4 days of invitation-only events. However, we couldn't find any information about it on the preserve's website.

We wanted to talk with Broxton Bridge about what exactly would be happening, but a man who refused to identify himself over the phone told me that what they're doing is within the letter of the law, and that they had no comment.

The Department of Natural Resources agrees. They say live bird shoots are legal in South Carolina, but SHARK asked the governor to step in.

Hindi's group will use remote control helicopters and telephoto lenses to take pictures of those in attendance. He wants to discourage hunters from showing up.

"This is just mass slaughter," said Hindi. "Pigeons. Members of the dove family, the bird of peace good grief."

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