President's airplane makes stop at Joint Base Charleston

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One of President Barack Obama's airplanes is in the Lowcountry, but Joint Base Charleston officials say he's not on it.

According to 1st Lieutenant Susan Carlson, the Boeing 747 aircraft is one of two VC-25As assigned to the Presidential Airlift Group at Joint Base-Andrews, Maryland.

Carlson says this particular VC-25 recently completed a year-long heavy maintenance cycle and is currently undergoing an operational testing regimen prior to being approved for its return to Presidential service.

This testing program includes the requirement to conduct multiple takeoffs, approaches and landings under a variety of conditions, Carlson said, adding there were no passengers aboard the aircraft seen at the base.

She also said the VC-25A is commonly known as "Air Force One," although that radio call sign is reserved exclusively for occasions when the President of the United States is aboard any U.S. Air Force aircraft.

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