Yoga instructors at studio frequented by missing woman stay positive

Dara Lee Watson has been missing since last week. (Source: Facebook)
Dara Lee Watson has been missing since last week. (Source: Facebook)

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Students and teachers at a Mt. Pleasant yoga studio are staying positive while a fellow student remains missing.

Dara Lee Watson's boss filed a missing person's report with police after the 30-year-old accountant didn't show up for work. On Friday, police found her fiancé, David Hedrick, dead at their house on North Creek Drive in Mt. Pleasant.

According to the Charleston County Coroner's Office, Hedrick had been shot in the head.

Blue Turtle Yoga, located inside Eco Fitness in Mt. Pleasant, is where missing woman Dara Lee Watson came not only to learn, but to teach.

"Dara is somebody that is, she takes your class, you know her because she's so warm, easy going and she always speaks and is very gracious," said Blue Turtle yoga director Ashley Kennedy. "She's been a really beautiful person to have as a part of the community."

Kennedy says the absence of Watson is felt everyday she is gone from the studio.

"More than anything in the last few days we've just been shocked and confused," Kennedy said. "I don't think that anybody really knows what to do except for try to remain really positive because she is a really positive person. So we've just been trying to emulate her positivity."

Kennedy says Watson is currently in training to become a yoga instructor and fellow classmates have set up candles and flowers in the studio for her safe return.

"Her yoga classmates in particular have been really feeling her absence," Kennedy said. "So this weekend, as events have unfolded, they chose to create a sacred space for her in the studio with some flowers a wood cut of a pretty print and to hold that space for her. They want to keep her in their presence."

Instructors say Watson is a beam of positivity and they will continue to stay positive while she is missing. The yoga instructors describe Watson as a down to earth and very happy person. They say for her to be a missing person in just really shocking.

Watson is about 5'4" and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Mount Pleasant Police Department at 884-4176.

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