Mt. Pleasant altering noise ordinance for Hwy 17 construction

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Pretty soon it will be legal to be loud after dark in Mt. Pleasant, at least for road construction. An ordinance was amended Tuesday night to allow construction on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard to continue after hours.

Even though working at night will help the project's completion happen faster, not everyone is happy about it.

"There's times when it just gets like 'Wow,' " said resident Nick Santiago. "It's pretty loud."

Now, that noise will continue into the night, legally. The Mt. Pleasant City Council amended an ordinance to allow the construction.

"We just changed it first reading so we can allow what we're doing for the good of the public," said Mayor Billy Swails."We need to finish that road construction. Give us a year and it will be done."

Previously, it was against the law to do construction after 9 p.m. Santiago says that law has been broken for several months.

"They go throughout the evening and into after the sun comes up," he said.

Santiago says he's becoming used to the noise with a little help from a sound machine at night.

"I have to crank that up when I go to bed to make sure I'm not startled in the night," he said. "It works for the most part."

The town says it wants to help too. Most of the complaints come from the area near the Isle of Palms connector. The city plans to build sound walls near Meridian Condominiums where Santiago lives.

Swails says that in the end he hopes people can be patient and will be happy the construction will finish sooner.

"For the good of the public. For everybody. Certainly we have some problems in spots," Swails said. "People are working great with us. We're not mad at them. We just know we need to change it and that's what we've done."

There will be one more reading in council on the ordinance, which will happen next month, but Swails says it is pretty much a done deal.

With construction taking place over night as well, Swails says the project should be finished in one year.

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