Mount Pleasant developers halt big box store project

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A sign at the entrance of Wando Lakes subdivision in Mount Pleasant calls for all residents to be heard.

"They've heard our voices and know that many many members of the mount pleasant community are seriously concerned about this. I'm hoping that is why there is this delay,"said Hardee.

Amy Hardee banded together with her neighbors to stop big box stores from being built on a 40 acre property known as the Gregg Tract. The property borders several neighborhoods including Wando Lakes. Neighbors said there are obvious concerns to having the stores in their backyards like loss of property value, traffic congestion and loss of wildlife.

"That will be lost if this development goes in as proposed if this rezoning is allowed," said neighbor Dan Bell.

As neighbors continue their movement to stop the stores, the developers put off work on the project.

In a statement Henrich properties said 'As a result of these concerns Henrich Properties has decided to defer its application to the Town of Mount Pleasant.'

"They have a huge investment in this I don't think that they are going to drop it before their first meeting but I don't think they expected reaction from the community and they are just going to regroup," said Doug Wilgus, President of the Wando Lakes homeowners association.

Like other his neighbors, Wilgus is skeptical. He believes this deferment wont be the end of the debate.

"You can mitigate certain things like the set backs and traffic but, what you can't get rid of the fact it's not one big box but three, and three commercial restaurants," said Wilgus.

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