Prostitution bust nabs 8 men, 1 juvenile

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - Nine people arrested in a prostitution sting in Orangeburg have officers from the Public Safety Department saying they've seen an increase in people selling sex in some areas.

There have been reports that prostitution has been going on in the Bleakley neighborhood of the town. On Friday night, officials say an undercover female officer stood on the corner of Calhoun and Bleakley while eight men and a juvenile offered to pay her for sex.

JC Green from Green's Package Store recalls seeing the undercover cop on the corner that night. Green works on Calhoun Drive at that intersection.

"Attractive young lady," described Green. "It was kinda odd that she was standing out there. Just wondering why, but after seeing her I had a pretty good idea."

Orangeburg Public Safety says the operation covered a few streets where prostitution has been reported. Officers say this is the first one in several years with the department taking a proactive approach.

"We've been here all these years and never had a problem, but we want to keep it that way too," said Green. "So if that's going on, let's don't let it get out of hand."

Other neighbors say they've seen what looks like prostitution from time to time, but nothing that raised red flags.

"If this is going on, it's going on after hours and it hadn't been a problem during business hours," said Green.

Capt. Mike Adams with the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety says more sting operations are likely in the future.

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